北京英文作文50字左右My holiday Summer holiday is coming . I want to go to Beijing . I go to Beijing with my father , my mother and my brother . We want to go there by plane because it takes less time . We can see many things in it . First we can visit the Great Wall , it is very famous for the world ,so I like it very much . Second we can go to the zoo because I like to see animals . There are many foreigners in this city ,too . I want to talk with them in English . I want to learn English from them . I think we can have a good time then . I hope it is coming soon .讲解自己英文作文50字Hello everyone,I am a girl,my name is xxx ,I come from grade xx class xx of xx school.I like sport very much and my study is good in my class.I am a very lineliness girl and very good at mathematics,but my English is not very good.I believe if I try my best,I will learn English very well.I wish I can study in this school,get more friend and learn together.I really with I will be a member of this big family.Thank you .大家好,我叫xxx,我来自xx小学xx年级xx班.我十分讨厌运动,我在班里学习成绩不俗.我是一个开朗的女孩儿.我擅长于数学,我英语不怎么好,但我坚信,只要我希望,我一定能把这门文化懂.我期望转入这个学校自学,交更多益友,一起刻苦自学.期望我能沦为这个家族的一员,谢谢.写出无锡景色的英语作文 50字左右有翻译成My hometown is Xiamen.I was born there twelve years ago.Now I live in Fuzhou,the capital of Fujian Province.Xiamen is a beautiful city that many people visit there.The whole city is clean and tidy.I lived in downtown.It’s near to the port,where is the busiest place,because thousands of people go to the Gulangyu.Gulanyu is a small island.There are many distinctive buildings and paths there.You may get lost in so many paths,but you don’t have to worry.And every path has its own beautiful scenery.I love my beautiful hometown.我的家乡是厦门,十二年前我出生于在那里.我现在住在福建省的首府福州市.厦门是一个很漂亮的城市,每年都有很多游客到这里旅游.整个城市都很整洁干净.过去,我就住在厦门市里,离码头很将近.码头是最挤迫的地方,因为每天都有成千上万的人从那里去鼓浪屿.鼓浪屿是一个小岛,岛上有许多特色建筑和小道.行驶其中,你可能会迷路,但是不用担忧,每一条小道都有独有的美丽景色.我爱人我美丽的家乡.英语作文50字带翻译成Today, I saw a roadside beggar. He is a middle-aged man, only two arms, and no legs. His arms come the hard ground prowling, also holding the hand of a begging bowl. Really pathetic, I can not help giving him 10 yuan. If we sacrificed our love, the world will be brighter.获取中文翻译:今天,我在路边看见了一个乞丐.他是一个中年男子,只有两只胳膊,双腿都没了.他用胳膊撑着地面艰苦地狙击,手中还拿着一个行乞用的碗.知道很真是,我不由自主地给了他十块钱.如果我们多送还我们的爱情,世界将更加幸福。